Safety Issues

Off-road vehicles have certain rules about their safety, and legal restrictions have been put on them to ensure people's safety. No children under the age of 16 can operate, and all off-road vehicle drivers must have their own driver's licenses. Seat belts in vehicles MUST be worn at all times. All people off-roading should also go with at least one other person, preferably in or on a separate vehicle, so that if an accident occurs, the other person can go or call for help.



Vehicle Protection

Off-road vehicle drivers should also provide protection for their own vehicles to keep the vehicle from getting stuck, permanently damaged or totaled by the roughness of the terrain itself. E.g. Diff guards, winch bumpers, most important Recovery points


Environmental Rules

Off-road vehicles cause serious damage to plants and the wildlife that relies on those plants every time they drive over them. This is why off-roading vehicles are only allowed to drive on trails on private land, for which they have permission to drive on, or on trails that have been designated by the local parks and wildlife officials for using off-road vehicles. Driving off these designated trails or out of these designated areas can make off roaders subject to tickets and fines by local parks and wildlife or law enforcement officials.


If you cannot follow these basic rules this is not the club for you..

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